• Disposable Surgical Cap

    Disposable Surgical Cap

    Article No.: WLC2003
    Surgical cap is the perfect disposable scrub cap for surgeons. Surgical scrub caps are lightweight, cool, and comfortable with a soft headband, latex free. These surgeons caps have a deep ventilated crown with adjustable ties.
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  • Disposable PE Shower Cap

    Disposable PE Shower Cap

    Article No.: WLC1006
    Hotel shower cap waterproof shower cap, made of excellent polyethylene material. Breathable, light weight, Anti static, non-absorbent, durability, economical, elegant and good looking.
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  • Disposable Peaked Cap for Wowen

    Disposable Peaked Cap for Wowen

    Article No.: WLC1010
    These disposable snood caps provide full head coverage to ensure that hairs don’t fall into food, sensitive machinery or onto paintwork. Elasticated snood attachments at the back to fit snugly around hair to catch any loose strands.
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  • Disposable Peaked Cap for Men

    Disposable Peaked Cap for Men

    Article No.: WLC1007
    Great for negating hair follicles from falling into food or safeguarding one’s head from debris or paint, these are an economical source for your entire work crew. Uniformity and professionalism are key that is why these caps are common across a...
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  • Disposable Nylon Hair Net

    Disposable Nylon Hair Net

    Article No.: WLC1004
    This lightweight product is made of soft nylon netting to make it both comfortable and effective throughout extended use. The hair net with extra-tight weave, reduces the chances of falling of hair into food while cooking or serving.
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  • Disposable Astronaut Cap

    Disposable Astronaut Cap

    Article No.: WLC1008
    The astronaut cap includes a cap and a face mask . It made of high quality polypropylene fabric with 2ply or 3ply face mask sewn attached and offers completed head coverage . It is soft , light weight , breathable , dust proof and comfortable to...
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  • Disposable Nonwoven Hood

    Disposable Nonwoven Hood

    Article No.: WLC1009
    This hood is a good choice for wet and dry applications where superior barrier and repelled are needed. Protects against non-toxic liquid spray dirt and dust.
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  • Disposable PP Lab Coat

    Disposable PP Lab Coat

    Article No.: WLL4001
    Disposable PP lab coat are manufactured to provide a barrier against fluids and dry-particulates with low levels of linting. Made of durable, lightweight fabric, these lab coats provide excellent breathability and water vapor transmission.
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  • Disposable SMS Lab Coat

    Disposable SMS Lab Coat

    Article No.: WLL4002
    Line of fluid-resistant lab coats is made of a high quality, tri-layer spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) fabric that combines strength, softness and durability.
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  • Disposable Microporous Lab Coat

    Disposable Microporous Lab Coat

    Article No.: WLL4003
    Made of polyethylene-laminated polypropylene,this lab coat offers ample protection from varnish, resins, fiberglass, paints, and sanding dust. The tough composite fabric boasts a unique combination of breathable microporous film and soft...
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  • Disposable Lab Jackets

    Disposable Lab Jackets

    Article No.: WLL4004
    Disposable Lab Jackets are hip length,higher neck provides better protection making them ideal for hospitals, clinics and laboratories.
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  • SMS Gown Standard

    SMS Gown Standard

    Article No.: WLG1002
    Surgical Gown is degigned to meet established industry performance standards for lower-fluid shorter procedures.
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